Expectations, Shmexpectations

I don’t want to write a rant about the NHS falling apart, but… how can I resist? A colleague was recently told by a manager that she needed to lower her expectations of what service she would be able to provide. Her expectations had included the ludicrous idea of having time to finish writing up […]

Call to Action

“What do I have to do to get someone to come and see me, kill myself?”

Vive la Revolution!

I’m officially back at work after a full year’s maternity leave, and it’s a strange mix of new and old at the office. New and old faces, new and old problems. A team meeting on my first day back reassured me that some things never change: any of the agenda items could (and should) have […]

Hope Springs Eternal

Ok, this is going to be a soppy one, not a funny one. Maybe it’s a result of motherhood? Anyway, I hope you bear with me and read on, Macduff. In my work I come across people struggling with the most difficult of circumstances, and with horrible illnesses that sometimes have persisted for years with […]

Playing the Blame Game

The issue of blame is never far from a social worker’s experience. We all know the media horror story of the now vindicated Sharon Shoesmith (social worker in the Baby P case) and we are taught to be prepared to defend our every decision. This issue has recently become sharper for me for two reasons: […]