Macro Social Work in the NHS

When I started working as a social worker in an NHS mental health team, I asked myself what extra my particular profession could bring to the role. It wasn’t long before I witnessed the problems of a hierarchical and medically based system, in particular how people’s own wishes can get ignored – as I have […]

A few of my Favourite Things

As the year draws to a close, rather than focussing on the fact that I’ll be working both tomorrow and on New Year’s Day while many get to snuggle up under the duvet and watch old films, I decided to mention a few of my favourite Mental Health Social Work incidents of the year. Ok […]

The unique contribution of Social Work?

In a break from moaning about resources, this week I have been forced to think about what social workers contribute NHS mental health services that is different to what our colleagues from medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, and psychology  do. It was initially quite difficult to define: the actual tasks we carry out are determined more by […]

The Madness of Cuts: a Self-Harming NHS?

I’ve been wondering how best to explain the madness currently affecting my workplace without either ranting or failing to convey the point.  At a time when Clegg has pledged to reduce Mental Health waiting times; the Government has promised parity of esteem for Mental Health through the Health and Social Care Act 2012 ; NHS staff are striking for fair pay; and […]

Diary published on Community Care

In case anyone was wondering what I actually do at work, this week my diary of an “anonymous” social worker was published on Community Care online. A few details have been changed (like the days and shifts I was working), but here it is, also available at Enjoy!! Comments and questions welcome. Monday An early […]